This Week

Good morning all,


Well, here we are in Thanksgiving week!  I have to remind myself that the “real” Thanksgiving is still coming up since we had our big family celebration here at the church last Saturday.  We all had a wonderful time.  I hope we cleaned up well enough that we a lot of evidence wasn’t left behind! 


If you didn’t pick up your “Ona buns” yesterday they are in the freezer in the church kitchen waiting for you!  Pay Mona, our UMW treasurer.


It’s business as usual today, even if a holiday is coming up!

  • N.A. group meets is meeting room 2 at 5:30pm until 6:30.
  • The Finance team meets at 6:30pm in the church office.
  • Church Council meets at 7:00pm in meeting room 1. 


The only other event this week is Thanksgiving dinner at the church at noon. We are excited that Barbara Brown’s husband has offered to cook the turkey for us!  Other than that, we have a very abundant list of other dishes coming for us to share. It should be a wonderful afternoon.  Special thanks to Mary Brink for offering set up and clean up!  So helpful!


I think UMW will leave a few items on the bazaar table in the narthex through Thanksgiving.  There are some lovely handmade items available and it’s much more comfortable shopping here than at any store on “black Friday”!


If I don’t see you here, I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving! 


Blessings ,



This Week

Good Afternoon everyone.


Isn’t it funny how Monday mornings can turn into Tuesday afternoons at the blink of an eye?  I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend.    I am praying for the fire in the gorge to be contained and no lives to be lost.  My daughter lives in Camas and the spread of the fires to Washington today is not comfort inducing.


We also pray for safe travels for those of us on the road this week.


Here’s the activities for this week.




  • United Methodist Women @  10:00 am.




  • FISH Distribution from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.


We can still use some hands for FISH on Friday.  Call Bev and Ed Hilliard  if you can help. 


God Bless,


Sarah McCoy