This Week

Good morning all,


Happy mid-summer all!  We are having fabulous weather this year and I think that is something to be thankful for.  Remembering the cold, wet harsh winter and spring we endured, I think we have "bought and paid for" these warm sunny days.


We had a wonderful surprise yesterday when the Kennewick First UMC bus pulled into our parking lot!  Their middle school group and all their leaders and chaperones joined us, making a wonderful impact on our worship service. They didn't outnumber our congregation:  It was LUMC 38, Kennewick 1st youth, 23.  


The painting continues on our building!  A good crew is at work this morning and I hear that more paint was needed, so that's a good sign.  It's really starting to look great with a fresh clean covering!  If you haven't seen the new colors you should come by.    We are so thankful to all the volunteers who are giving their time and energy to make this project a reality.  Remember, the tall end of the building will be done by professional painters.  Our group is doing the low sides.  Also, we can see grass growing in the new yard that used to hold our fellowship hall. New fresh happenings!


Tonight is the time we usually have a Finance meeting followed by church council meeting.  Try not to be too disappointed, but we are not having those meetings this month.  Pastor being away this month is a good time to skip the meetings, but we will be back on-task in August!


Speaking of August, remember rummage sale is coming up August 18th & 19th.  We really want your good resalable items but we don't want them until 1:00 pm August 13th!  We have no place to store things and right now the building is pretty full and busy with painters.  We hope you will be able to begin setting things aside for the sale.  Remember, this is a combined venture of United Methodist Women and United Methodist Men!  We are sharing the work and sharing the proceeds 50/50.


As for a schedule for this week, other than the painting, there is not much happening.  


  • The calendar shows the Praise Team is rehearsing Tuesday evening at 6:30 pm.


Next Sunday Barbara Vining will be sharing some of what they have learned at Mission U this past weekend.  


July is a 5 Sunday month so the monthly potluck won't be until July 30th.


As I shared with the congregation yesterday, I will be having further back surgery August 25th.  I am not looking forward to that, but I am hoping that will put an end to my relentless back and leg pain.


Have a wonderful week!