This Week

Hello everyone,


I had an email all composed and ready to send and then other issues took priority and somehow the email I composed has disappeared!  Oh well, I will just try to do it again.


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  We actually had a white Christmas and we weren’t all snowed in and unable to do things!  That’s the kind of snow I like!  Rene’ and Jennifer had to delay their much anticipated trip to Spokane to spend time with the new granddaughter but Rene’ tells me they plan to leave tomorrow and Ryan will be here in respite care.  Lets keep prayers going for them to have safe travel and good time with family.


There are no meetings scheduled this week, so we can maybe all have some time to unwind after Christmas and relax.  Just remember that we will have a New Year’s Eve party next Sunday beginning at 8:00pm.  We thought some of us might be able to stay awake until midnight if we have a later start.  ALL ARE INVITED TO THIS EVENT!  Of course it will be non-alcoholic.  Bring a sweet or savory snack to share and any games you may have.  We can do whatever the group wants.


With Rene’ being away, Dorothy will bring the message this Sunday!  Lots of scripture, lots of singing and a message about (appropriately for New Year’s Eve) New Beginnings.  See you Sunday morning.


Here are some prayer requests that were brought up in Sunday’s worship.

Mike Jackson, still in rehab and has been ill.  Please pray for his recovery .

Sarah asked for prayer for Tom Deaver’s family.

Pray for Terrance, in the hospital with cancer treatments and Stephanie, at home with their son and expecting another child.

Lift up prayers for Byron who is struggling with his recovery from back surgery.

Keep our people who are in the service of our country and the first responders in your prayers at this time of year that is so difficult for many people.


I’m working on the January calendar but since we didn’t have a church council meeting in December there is not much to list.  Please let me know by replying to this email if there are events I should list on the calendar.


That’s all I have for you right now!  Stay warm and dry and I will look for you next Sunday!