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      My name is Rene’ Devantier and I was born in 1964 Berlin, West Germany. I moved to the United States (Kirkland/Redmond) in 1980’s to live with my mother (I was raised by my grandmother). On July 19th Jennifer and I will have been married for 4 years. We have 6 children and one grandchild between the two of us ranging from 8 to 26. Jen will be quick to tell you that we have been in love with each other for more than 27 years now (she was 17). You could say we were high school sweethearts (though only one of us was still in high school when we met). After being together for a couple of years, Jen went off to college, and I took a short little sabbatical to Corpus Christi, TX (20 years). Two things were pretty steady in my life during those 20 years. One was a hunger for something deeper inside my soul. The other was my love of soccer. Because I had been coaching youth soccer for many years I was pretty good at establishing relationships with young people. In 1999, at the tender age of 35, without any experience, my pastor recognized that gift in me and I was hired as the youth minister at our church. Things went really well and over the next three years I heard and answered the call to ordained ministry.

     I spent 6 years at First United Methodist Church in Portland, Texas as an associated pastor and then began flying solo for the next 2 years at Oak Park United Methodist Church in Corpus Christi, TX.  3 years in WA at Ocean Park United Methodist Church, and Jen and I have been here in Longview going on 2 years. What a ride. I believe that my greatest gifts come from my 35 years of looking from the outside in. I have been given the gift to disarm and bring peace. In a broken world people need to feel the love and forgiveness, the grace and the peace that Jesus brings, not as the worlds gives it, but as He brings it. I am down to earth.  My style and my messages (sermons) are laid back, relevant to life’s issues, interactive, contemporary, postmodern, and spirit filled. Worship services are geared towards participation (I invite questions), hands on opportunities (writing on prayer walls, washing of hands, feeling, touching, drawing). I believe that worship should be very sensory motivated, media driven, with a style of music that will attract people of all ages.

     You might wonder what happened to Jen in those 20 years. Well she went to college, became a nurse, got married and had 4 children, and of course never was able to get me out of her head (at least that’s how I like to remember it, I was pretty cute, lol). A few years back we reconnected, and well, and the rest is history as they say. 

     Our oldest 4 children, daughters (Jessica age 26, Kari age 24, Alexa age 20 and Michaela age 19) are out on their own, working and going to school spread from Washington to Texas.  The youngest 2 boys have a disability called Fragile X Syndrome and Autism.  Matthew, age 10 lives in Olympia WA with his dad, and Ryan, age 9 lives with us. 

Peace, Rene' & Jen


  July 2018  
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