Music Minister: Tommy Jones

Currently our music ministry is a pared-down version for our online worship during the shelter in place order.


So can you imagine it? Just think what church would be like if you came to listen and be uplifted at a church where the services did not have any music --- just prayers and a sermon, just the thoughts of others. Not bad, but would it really hold your attention or make it likely to be uplifting?  I don't think so. Well okay, maybe that would never happen, but --- would it be much better if the services only had music from recorded prelude/postlude and hymn accompaniments, or just the congregation singing a cappella (voice only, no instruments). No live accompaniments, no special music, no choir.  Like every living thing on earth we must grow and change to survive. Being stagnant is not a characteristic of life! I have often heard that if you are standing still you are falling behind. If our congregation does not offer a strong and well­-rounded spiritual experience, I believe it would become static, stagnant and lifeless.

In leading the music of the church, I have often said that music offers up "two prayers in one." It offers a prayer of both the mind and also of the heart! (The words or thoughts get our brains thinking about the message and the music gets our hearts warmed up to the Spirit.) Music, with all its variety and power, offers inspiration and support to a congregation's worship experience. I don't know of any growing religious organization that doesn't use music's power to support and spread its spiritual message. I believe music supports and enhances our worship! Why do you think God had the heavenly choir sing when the birth of Jesus was announced to the "congregation of shepherds"!?

So now, with all my ramblings, you’re probably wondering where this is going.  In my life I have come to believe that when it comes to church ­--"so goes the music, so goes the church." Granted I may be prejudiced, but I don't recall many churches that have a basically sound message/mission with an active, large, and quality music program that aren't growing and thriving, both spiritually and in numbers.

So... I am guessing you might know where this is going.... yes, I want you to help this happen for us!  If you have noticed, I think we have had some excellent musical events in our worship services, but we can do more!  If you are just getting acquainted with us, let me encourage you to drop me a line and ask questions.  We would love to have you be a part of our very welcoming and caring church.  So if you play an instrument or have an interest in singing please come join our church’s music team.  If you know someone else who loves the music, invite them too.  If the music of this church overtakes my ability to lead it, I would not be disappointed. I have dreams of great music in our church, but it can't happen by wishing. 

So join in by:

  1. Come sing with the congregation
  2. Come play an instrument
  3. Come join “The Unity Crew” (praise and worship team)
  4. Come provide special music (solos, small groups, etc.).
  5. Come volunteer to sing in the re-initiation of our choir
  6. Come be uplifted by the joys of music!

Jesus said we are not to cover our candle under a bushel basket. The parable of the talents tells us that we not to bury our "talents", but to work at improving them. So if you have a desire to grow your talent or let your light shine: COME, BE A PART OF TWO PRAYERS IN ONE! Join the music of the church.