Safe Sanctuary Guideline

Safe Sanctuary Guidelines

Longview United Methodist Church 


The Longview United Methodist Church observes the following guidelines for providing a Safe Sanctuary for all:


  1. National Background Checks as per PNWC Ministry Safe guidelines are required for volunteers and staff working with children and youth.
  2. The church will conduct an annual Safe Sanctuary training for all volunteers and staff during the first quarter of each year.
  3. The church will remain locked unless there are two people present.
  4. Two adults will be present during activities with children and youth.
  5. First Aid Kits will be in the church and present during all approved activities off church grounds.
  6. Any safety issues involving an accident or concerns are to be reported to the Pastor. Concerns regarding the Pastor are to be reported to the Chair of the Staff Parish Relations Committee.
  7. Any incidents or concerns about inappropriate/unsafe behavior and/or abuse are to be reported to the Pastor or the Chair of the Staff Parish Relations Committee as appropriate. (See #6.)
  8. Parents or guardians will be notified in advance and required to sign an approval form granting permission for their child (or children) or youth to attend field trips or other activities away from the church premises. This form must be provided prior to the trip or activity.
  9. Adults working with children shall never engage in sexually suggestive behavior or inappropriate touching.
  10. Any sexual or sexually suggestive or aggressive behavior of an adult toward any fellow worker at an event sponsored by the church is an abuse of power and inappropriate.
  11. Touching should always be initiated by the child. Appropriate touching is limited to holding hands as part of a group activity, touching only the head or shoulders, and/or a side-on hug of the shoulders.
  12. Touching should only occur in the presence of other adults.
  13. Adults shall avoid being left alone, one-on-one with children and youth.
  14. Two adult chaperones are required at children and youth events.
  15. The rule of three must be followed when transporting children and youth.
  16. Release forms must be signed by parents or guardians for photographs or images used in outreach materials.